FCC’s Sixth Talakayan—“Looking Back & Moving Forward”

On August 2, 2010, the Filipino Community Center (FCC) had its sixth Talakayan since the inception of the monthly discussion entitled “Looking Back & Moving Forward,” this half-year Talakayan special recognized the efforts of FCC’s community members—youth, mothers, caregivers, and allies—who tirelessly attend rallies, protests, and other community events. Only five months have passed, and the different organizations that use FCC’s space have grown stronger both in membership and organization. These groups include SAMAKA, Kabalikat, ALAY and Babae.

In addition to recapping the past events in which our community members participated, the event gave FCC staff the opportunity to share to everyone the community’s successes, such as the budget restoration of FCC’s programs and the launch of the caregivers campaign.

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