The Caregivers Campaign

Due to the cycles of poverty, joblessness, and government corruption in the Philippines, as well as the Philippines’ continued export of labor to foreign countries, over 3,800 Filipinos are forced to leave their home country every day. A large proportion of the migrant workers go into the healthcare industry, particularly as caregivers and domestic workers. But once here in the US, caregivers and domestic workers are often cheated of wages and face unfair working and health conditions. Many find that they have left a dire situation in the Philippines for another one in the States.

In light of these issues, FCC is helping caregivers throughout the Bay Area (East Bay, South Bay, San Mateo, San Francisco) organize to educate our community about the plight of caregivers and to improve the working and living conditions of Filipino caregivers in the Bay Area, CA , and the US at large.

If you are concerned about the exploitation of caregivers and would like to help them fight for their rights, please contact Filipino Community Center at (415)333-6267.

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