A Request of Support from SOUL

My name is Samantha Velez, and I am working with Ian Conde through the School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL) in the Filipino Community Center (FCC). I am asking on behalf of both Ian and me for some support.
SOUL sends young people from across the country to organizations like the FCC to expand their organizing experience. Ian and I have been able to learn a lot about the history of the Philippines. We have also helped conduct interviews with Filipino caregivers to gather information about working conditions caregivers are facing. Ian and I have done work with the youth in the FCC through the facilitation of workshops geared towards sharpening their organizing skills.We are currently putting together August’s Talakayan along with other interns at the FCC.

SOUL has given us the opportunity to work at great places like the FCC. We have also been able to challenge ourselves and learn about other struggles with SOUL. They provide a unique, safe space where we can learn more about ourselves through conversation with others. We are offered a stipend, which allows young people to travel away from home (like me) and live in the Bay Area for the summer.

With a simple donation of $20 you can contribute to the stipend of next year’s interns, and you will be providing a young person the chance to grow as an organizer and also on a personal level. You can make your donate by clicking here.

Thank you for the support and time. It is greatly appreciated.


Samantha & Ian

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