Celebrating Everyday Heroes: Caregivers, Hotel Workers & Nurses!!!

The Filipino Community Center (FCC) honors our Everyday Heroes: Caregivers, Hotel Workers & Nurses because they include thousands of Filipinos who play a vital role in our society by devoting their lives to caring for others. FCC believes it is important to celebrate everyday Filipinos willing to fight for justice.

Justice for Caregivers: FCC is actively engaged in protecting Filipino Caregivers against wage theft and exploitation which is wide spread in San Francisco and throughout the United States. FCC supports the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights which is up for vote in the California State Senate this Monday, August 15th.

Justice for Hotel Workers: Since October 2009, Local 2 Hotel Workers have been fighting for affordable and quality health care, as well as a decent contract. FCC supports the boycott of the Hyatt and all other hotels refusing to honor Local 2 demands.

Justice for Filipino Nurses: Since last year, FCC has actively participated in the campaign to address allegations of discrimination against Filipino Nurses at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) hospitals including St. Luke’s in San Francisco. FCC is calling on CPMC hold any administrators accountable who may engaged in discriminatory practices.

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