The San Francisco Filipino Community Platform

Filipinos are a key part of the hard working fabric of SF that keeps this city alive. Filipinos are a diverse group of immigrants, U.S. born, undocumented, working class, professionals, seniors, youth, & families. As of 2008, 48,970 Filipinos reside in SF representing 6% of the total population. In summer 2011 Filipino leaders & residents from several neighborhoods who worked together on immigrant, worker, & community concerns came together to discuss key issues of the SF Filipino community. Below is the product of these discussions culminating in the San Francisco Filipino Community Platform.

Democracy: Local government accountable to all residents, not just those with wealth or lobbyists!

  • Appoint people to key city commissions dealing with important issues of the Filipino community such as immigrant rights, affordable housing, worker rights who represent our needs & interest.
  • Ensure all residents regardless of immigration status have a voice in city government

Employment: Support Filipino Workers’ & their Struggles Regardless of Immigration Status!

  • Ensure better working conditions, decent wages/benefits, & fair treatment of workers especially
  • Support the right to unionize, obtain a fair contract, & fight against retaliation & discrimination
  • Increase jobs for SF residents with expanding Local Hiring laws & opportunities for new immigrants
  • Increasing funding for Filipino specific culturally competent employment support/training programs

Education: Quality public education for all of the city’s children!

  • Supplement SF public school system budget with city funds to ensure quality education
  • Fund more educational programs for youth, parents, & seniors such as Filipino Bi-Lingual programs, after school programs, internship & job training programs & brother/sister programs
  • Ensure culturally competent admin/staff/teachers
  • Advocate for the return of public school funding to pre-Prop 13 levels, across the state & in SF.
  • Advocate for access to scholarships, lower tuition fees, & more classes especially ethnic studies.

Public Transportation: Universal access to affordable & quality public transportation!

  • Appoint a representative to MTA who is accountable to working class communities
  • Free passes for youth under 18 & for seniors
  • Increase number of drivers, decrease wait times & extend time for transfer tickets

Immigration & Immigrant Rights: Keep SF a sanctuary city for all immigrants

  • Opt out of Secure Communities (S Comm) & direct SF police to not implement ICE racist policies
  • Ensure due process for immigrant youth & fully enforce legislation against Human trafficking
  • Support comprehensive immigration reform emphasizing family reunification & DREAM ACT
  • Support Filipino WWII Veterans’ & their campaign for Full Equity

Housing/Homeowners: Affordable Housing especially for multi-generational & extended families

  • More affordable housing including land trust strategies & other ways to ownership for low incomes
  • More Filipino community based outreach & representation in affordable housing department
  • No discrimination on housing & rental applications
  • Protect tenant rights in both buildings & houses & protect homeowners from foreclosure
  • Ensure replacement housing prior to tenants being bought out & forced to move

Healthcare: Increased affordability & equal access to healthcare services & facilities

  • Increase charity care for low income & people of color
  • Increase culturally competent medical translators

People’s Economy: PEOPLE FIRST! Prioritize the needs of the residents vs. the corporations!

  • Ensure food, clothing, affordable shelter, safety, quality transportation, & recreation centers
  • Increase taxes on big corporations, offer tax breaks for local hiring & support small business

Community Based Planning: Planning with the people! Prioritize community needs and safety!

  • Build more open spaces, publically owned rec centers, & community centers for families & children
  • Prioritize Police collaboration & Stop Police Harassment
  • In places with large Filipino concentrations name streets, parks, rec centers etc. after Filipinos
  • Stop gentrification & displacement of small business & affordable housing
  • Build more Filipino Centers throughout SF & Increase funds for existing Filipino spaces

Services: Nourishing a safe, healthy, & vibrant SF!

  • Ensure domestic violence prevention & services as well as services for victims of human trafficking
  • Ensure services to recent immigrants responding to issues of undocumented & women specific needs

Endorsed by: Active Leadership to Advance the Youth, Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Filipino Community Center, League of Filipino Students, Mendelson House, South of Market Community Action Network, Tenderloin Filipino-American Community Association.

If you would like to Endorse this platform please contact or call 415.333.6267.

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