Caregiver Research Project Launches in San Francisco

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December 21, 2011

Reference: Mario De Mira, Filipino Community Center, (415) 333-6267

Caregiver Research Project Launches in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA–On December 14, 2011, the first of six research training sessions for the “CARE Project,” short for Caregiver Research Project, began at the Filipino Community Center in the Excelsior District, San Francisco. In this predominantly Filipino neighborhood of San Francisco, many of the caregivers in attendance were Filipino immigrants working in the surrounding tri-city area. Some of the caregivers have been working in the industry for 10 or more years, and some entered the industry as recent as 8 months ago. And new caregivers arrive to San Francisco everyday.

The CARE Project, sponsored by the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, Northern California (NAFCON-NorCal) in collaboration with GABRIELA USA, will study the living and working conditions of caregivers in the San Francisco and San Mateo counties. Instead of university researchers at the helm of the project, the CARE Project relies on the leadership and direction of caregivers themselves to identify the important issues that need to be changed in their workplace and the caregiver industry. Caregivers will learn how to interview one another and their fellow caregivers to pinpoint critical issues to organize around.

The recent announcement of the US Department of Labor to include 2 million home care workers in the Fair Labor Standards Act will impact many home care workers’ ability to receive minimum wage and overtime pay. The timely launch of the CARE Project coinciding with this exciting development will surely expose the need of caregivers to be protected under labor standards. “The grassroots work of the Caring Across Generations campaign helped to push this legislation forward, and we take inspiration from these advances to mobilize our Filipino community for fair treatment and rights of caregivers,” said Mario De Mira, an organizer and Program Coordinator at the Filipino Community Center.

The CARE Project research team also includes volunteers from local Filipino community organizations such as Babae San Francisco, Active Leadership to Advance the Youth (ALAY), University of San Francisco’s Kasamahan, San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP), and individuals who are concerned about the plight of caregivers. Additionally, Dr. Robyn Rodriguez from UC Davis and Professor Valerie Francisco from USF are assisting the research process for the project. “The community is clearly behind our caregivers and with this multi-generational team, the CARE Project will surely be a success!” De Mira stated.

The next research training for caregivers will be on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm at the Filipino Community Center, 4681 Mission St, San Francisco. The CARE Project welcomes caregivers who are interested in joining the training series. Please contact Mario De Mira at 415-333-6267 for more information.


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