Filipinos Demand CPMC be Accountable for another Racial Discrimination Incident


August 28, 2012

 Filipina Chaplain Faced Racism, Verbal Abuse, and Retaliatory Discipline by CPMC Manager

(Bay Area, Ca)  On the morning of August 28th at Saint Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco, over 50 representatives of the Bay Area Filipino community joined members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Avalos, Campos, and Olague to denounce the most recent case of racial discrimination against Filipino workers at CPMC. 

 The groups, including the Filipino Community Center (FCC) and the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), demanded CPMC be held accountable for an incident that occurred in December 2011 when Reverend Imelda Ramos was serving in the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) chaplaincy program at the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). The incident occurred during a meeting with a CPMC manager.

 Ramos explained, “I was accosted by my supervisor after he directed me to confront a co-worker regarding a minor incident involving an on-call swap of schedule. I politely shared my hesitation and willingly offered to dialogue with my co-worker to ensure a good working relationship. My supervisor then became irate and assertive, saying, ‘You Third World people, you don’t confront your oppressors and then you become violent!’”

 Following the incident Ramos explained the discriminatory treatment continued including wrongful suspension from clinical duties upon returning from a formal leave of absence; being berated in the hospital hallways; having her pager forcibly taken from her hands; and being pressured to withdraw from the CPE program.

 After documenting and filing formal complaints and participating in a Sutter/CPMC investigation into the incidents, eventually, CPMC ‘s Vice President for Administration, Abe Dosi, during a closed door meeting verbally acknowledged the wrongdoing of the CPE supervisor and even apologized. The wrongful and abusive disciplinary action was removed from Rev. Ramos’ records, but CPMC refused to issue a formal written acknowledgement of the incidents or process her formal grievance any further.

 The Filipino community and other supporters of Ramos demand that CPMC process the formal grievance filed by the chaplain and that they issue a formal written apology from the manager and the hospital. Up until this point CPMC management has denied her due process in response to her formal grievance and has since refused to account for a clear case of racism at CPMC.  

 Ramos expressing her feelings said, “The actions of the CPE supervisor/CPE manager have caused me to feel isolated and marginalized from my colleagues. To date, my CPE supervisor has never acknowledged his abusive behavior, nor issued an apology to me and to my peers for his wrongdoing. He has shown no remorse.”  The Filipino community, SF Supervisors, St Luke’s nurses, and the CPMC Coalition of community leaders all joined Rev. Ramos as she courageously spoke out publicly for the first time against the racism of her former supervisor and the impunity and lack of accountability from CPMC.

 In 2010, CPMC faced charges of discrimination regarding verbal instructions by the Vice President of Nursing to not hire any more Filipino or foreign graduate nurses. Following these alleged statements, hiring of Filipino nurses stopped for 20 straight months from February 2008 until November 2009.  While CPMC promised to meet with the Filipino community in 2011 and assured the FCC that they were taking steps to prevent future cases of discrimination, they have since refused to meet to discuss this new incident of racism. CPMC’s actions and refusal to meet demonstrate not only the ineffectiveness of their policies, but also a pattern of impunity and cover-up by CPMC at the highest levels.  ###

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