Invitation to Solidarity and Fact-Finding Mission in New Orleans, Louisiana

Invitation to Solidarity and Fact-Finding Mission in New Orleans, Louisiana

I would personally like to invite you to join our growing campaign for “Justice for Grand Isle Shipyard Filipino Workers”, one of the most significant campaigns of my lifetime, headed by NAFCON, the International Migrants Alliance-USA (IMA-USA), and the New Orleans-based National Guestworkers Alliance (NGA).

I get to go back to New Orleans, my birthplace and hometown for 18+ years, and work with an amazing group of workers and leaders emerging from some of the most horrific working and living conditions I’ve ever encountered in my work with Filipino migrant communities throughout the United States.  These brave oil rig workers, trafficked from the Philippines, are standing up for their rights as workers, as migrants, and as human beings against slavery, trafficking, wage theft, fraud, and other forms of abuse, exploitation, and false imprisonment — right here in the U.S. along the Gulf Coast in the American South in 2013 !!!  Also during a critical time in the  debate on immigration reform…

Stand with us by joining the workers in New Orleans, or taking other actions to support this historic campaign.  We have a growing delegation of folks who will be joining us in NOLA for our “Solidarity and Fact-Finding Mission” coming up on Feb 22-25, later this month.

Click here for the official invitation letter and here for the brochure that just came out, and here is the website (blogsite):

If you can’t join us in New Orleans, this website will soon have MANY other concrete ways that you can support this campaign.

I hope that we can connect on this, and that you would be down to support some parts of our weekend activities.  We can talk more in detail if you have questions or ideas.  You can call my cell phone at (415) 203-0696, and I’ll also try to give you a call, too.

Thanks for considering, and I hope to see you in person in New Orleans, or add you and your organization to our growing list of supporters.

Terry Valen

Organizational Director – Filipino Community Center

President – National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON)

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