Filipino Community Center
Vision, Mission, & Goals
Adopted November 7, 2004

  • We stand for paninindigan, where social, cultural, political and economic rights are respected; where relationships are based on equality; and where people actively work for a just society.
  • We believe in pakikipagkapwa and diversity, where people from different cultures treat each other with respect; and where individuals can realize their full human potential regardless of age, race, religion, nationality, color, gender and sexual orientation.
  • We believe in bayanihan, where people know their neighbors and work collectively in building strong communities.
  • We believe in pakikibaka and self-determination, so that all people have decision making power in their lives, in the community in which they live and work, and in the larger society.
  • To provide a safe space where Filipino families can access services, meet, and hold activities.
  • To improve our collective capacity to address our immediate and long term needs, with a commitment to the low-income and underserved, through organizing, advocacy, and service.
  • To deepen our understanding of our history and culture as Filipinos and heighten our consciousness of our civil and human rights.
  • To build civic participation and grassroots leadership, and to strengthen our commitment and responsibility to each other, our community, and the larger society.
  • To build a community center that serves as a hub for community gatherings, resources, and organizing, and raises the visibility of the Filipino community.
  • To study and document the social conditions, problems, and issues facing our community so that we may collectively and consciously address our common needs, and advance our rights and well-being as a community.
  • To assist immigrants and low-income Filipinos to access services and resources, to know their rights, and to enhance their capacity to assert their rights through citizenship and other civic participation;
  • To support the empowerment of women and young girls to address their particular needs and concerns, and to ensure that they have equal access to resources and opportunities for advancing their rights and well-being, and their development as leaders in our community;
  • To ensure that Filipino children and youth have increased access to quality education, opportunities, and other necessary resources and support to realize their full potential and to become active and responsible members and leaders of the community;
  • To ensure that Filipino individuals, seniors and families have increased access to social services to address their basic needs, such as affordable child-care, healthcare, housing, nutrition, and recreational activities, as well as opportunities for decent livelihood and economic independence;
  • To support the development and sustainability of Filipino small businesses so that they may provide opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and decent livelihood, and contribute to the social, economic, and cultural vitality of our neighborhoods;
  • To organize and mobilize our community along issues and sectors in order to build our capacity to address our specific needs, as well as to address the concerns we share in common with others in our diverse community;
  • To foster a deeper understanding of the Filipino diaspora, history, cultural roots and identity; and to strengthen unity with our diverse neighbors and within our own community.
  • To develop partnerships and build alliances in order to provide resources for the Filipino community and organize around common issues.