Legacy: Bayanihan & Filipino Community Centers San Francisco 10 Year Anniversary Gala


Legacy2015LogoOutlinedHappy 2015, community!

As we approach Bayanihan and FCC’s joint 10 year anniversary gala in one month (31 DAYS), we would like you to pause and ask yourself: “What do these two centers mean to me?” When staff members replied to this question, their answers spoke volumes:connection, family, home, sanctuary.  These are just a few words that illuminate the lasting impacts of our two centers and the community that we have cultivated together over the last decade.

Drawing upon the deep history of Filipinos in San Francisco, Bayanihan and FCC continue to contribute to the rich history and tradition of struggle to uplift all communities and make lasting change in the city and beyond. Therefore, this rich history and tradition of struggle is our “LEGACY.”

Our celebration wouldn’t be complete without you! Please join us on Saturday, February 7. 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco!

Confirm your seats and purchase your tickets now by clicking here!


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Why is TPS taking so long?

The Filipino Community Center is a member of NAFCON USA, which is a part of the Relief 2 Recovery Coalition, a group of organizations who are committed to pushing for another form of humanitarian aid: to designate the Philippines with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). We believe this will empower Filipinos to better help the relief effort.
We have one ask. Can you please share this tweet and the attached infographic? 
Why is it taking @DHSgov so long 2 grant FULL #tpsNOW for the #Philippines? http://t.co/dSwFUYTj3T
When we compared the Philippines with other countries who have been given TPS designation because of natural disasters, the numbers are startling:
1. El Salvador
●     Disaster: El Salvador Earthquakes
●     Date(s) of Disaster: January 13, 2001 and February 13, 2001
●     Granted TPS: March 9, 2001
●     Difference between disaster and TPS: 24 days
2. Haiti
●     Disaster: Haiti earthquake
●     Date of Disaster: January 12, 2010
●     Granted TPS: January 21, 2010
●     Difference between disaster and TPS: 9 days
3. Honduras
●     Disaster: Hurricane Mitch
●     Date of Disaster: October 29, 1998
●     Granted TPS: January 5, 1999
●     Difference between disaster and TPS: 68 days
●     Disaster: Hurricane Mitch
●     Date of Disaster: October 22, 1998
●     Granted TPS: January 5, 1999
●     Difference between disaster and TPS: 75 days
5. Philippines
●     Disaster: Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda
●     Date of Disaster: November 8, 2013
●     Granted TPS: …
●     Difference between disaster and TPS: 229 days and counting…

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Filipino is the Newest Language Requirement for the City of San Francisco

April 2, 2014

Contact: Terry Valen
Email: terry@filipinocc.org
Phone: 415-203-0696

Filipino is the Newest Language Requirement for the City of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA — After months of dialogue with city officials, Filipino community members and
advocates will celebrate San Francisco’s certification of Filipino as the 3rd language required for city
communications. Today, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will be joined by Board Supervisors, the
Filipino Community Center (FCC), Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), and Filipino community
leaders and supporters to announce this historic achievement.

In 2009, the city of San Francisco passed a new Language Access Ordinance (LAO), which requires
improved language access for city residents, with certain requirements for populations which exceed a
threshold of 10,000 limited English proficient or “LEP” community members. Using the latest
Federal American Community Survey data for the years 2009-2013, the city’s planning department
was able to verify that Tagalog speakers with limited English proficiency surpassed this threshold.

Rachel Ebora, a Filipino immigrant, native Pilipino (Tagalog) speaker, and Executive Director of
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center attests, “Ikinagagalak namin ang pagpapatunay na ang Pilipino
ay magiging ikatlong wikang kailangang isalin ng lungsod ng San Francisco para sa mga
komunikasyon nito. Sa mga higit na sampung libong Pilipinong nagsasalita ng wikang pambansang
ito’y nawa’y madadagdagan ang kanilang pagkamit ng mga serbisyo at iba pang mga pangangailangan
sa pamumuhay dito sa San Francisco.”

(‘We are delighted at the certification of Pilipino as the third language that the City of San Francisco is
required to translate for its communications. To the over 10,000 Filipinos who speak this national
language, our hope is that this certification will provide additional access to services and other
resources to live in San Francisco.”)

Community advocates stressed the urgent need for San Francisco to certify Filipino (the official
language of the Philippines based primarily on Tagalog) as soon as possible because for decades
thousands of Filipino residents were not getting basic services due to language barriers. These
incidents include Filipinos facing health and safety emergencies and also those feeling excluded from
the civic life in a vibrant city like San Francisco because of language capacity. (read more)

View photos here.

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RAINBOW GROCERY to DONATE 100% of PROFITS (Feb 11th-13th) to Typhoon Haiyan Relief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFebruary 6, 20141745 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415.863.0620
Fax: 415.863.8955
Web: www.rainbow.coop


Description: LGOCLSD

Worker-Owned Cooperative



San Francisco, CA- Local worker owned grocery cooperative, Rainbow Grocery, announced today that they will donate 100% of their total profits (up to $30,000), over three consecutive days in February to the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) to help with their relief efforts due to the typhoon that hit the Philippines on November 11, 2013. A national alliance of over 30 organizations, NAFCON, is headquartered at the Filipino Community Center (FCC) in San Francisco’s Excelsior district and works directly and in partnership with grassroots organizations on the ground in the Philippines.

“We researched a lot of charities and non-profits that are doing work in the Philippines right now, and ultimately it came down to accountability. NAFCON was able to show that 100% of the proceeds go toward Typhoon victims who need it most via trusted grass roots organizations who are genuinely committed to the long term sustainability of affected communities. We also wanted to go with a group that works directly with the Filipino community here in San Francisco. NAFCON engages in community and worker based organizing which Rainbow has been rooted in since 1975, and even though the typhoon hit in November, there is still a lot of relief that needs to happen”, says Rainbow Grocery Donations Committee Member, Christa Irwin.

NAFCON has helped over 100,000 people since the typhoon hit on November 11, 2013. “Rainbow’s goal in all of this is to bring attention back to this disaster. It has fallen out of the media spotlight and because of that, there are fewer donations being given. The Filipino community constitutes a significant portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, and these folks are being directly affected by this disaster.” says, Christa Irwin.

“It was exciting that Rainbow Grocery wanted to help and came forward because right now, after December, the challenge is…how to keep this in peoples’ minds. It’s so easy…to give a little, and forget about the situation…now is the time when people need the most solidarity.” says, Supervisor John Avalos, District 11.  Supervisor Avalos is a convener of the San Francisco Taskforce Haiyan that works in partnership with NAFCON.

“The FCC and NAFCON are honored to partner with Rainbow Grocery, its coop members, customers, and community supporters to bring the hope of continued support to the Filipino people.  We look forward to a long-term partnership for typhoon relief and rehabilitation and on the many issues affecting workers and communities from San Francisco to the Philippines and beyond,” said Terrence Valen, NAFCON President and FCC’s Organizational Director.

The campaign, “A Rainbow after the Storm” will occur three days before Valentine’s Day, on Tuesday February 11th, Wednesday the 12th, and Thursday the 13th. To donate directly to NAFCON, go to www.nafconusa.org).


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FCC 9th Anniversary Celebration

Join us as we celebrate 9 years of serving the community alongside our community members and organizations!

Join the Filipino Community Center in celebration of its 9th year anniversary, a collaborative event of Migrante NorCal-SF, ALAY SF, Kabataan at Balboa High School, and the FCC.

We’re excited to look back at the past nine years and reflect on our achievements, but more importantly, to celebrate the organizations and people who have made FCC what it is today. It is truly the organizations and the people we have worked with who have created the positive changes in the community that we would like to highlight and celebrate!

Feel free to take a look and RSVP to our Facebook invitation here. There will be food and entertainment for the whole family.

WHERE: Balboa High School, 1000 Cayuga Avenue, SF
(enter on the backside of Balboa on Otsego, near Denman. This is closer to the building and has lots of parking

WHEN: Doors open at 5PM // program will start at 6PM

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