ExCEED:Excelsior Community Employment & Empowerment Development Program

Immigration is still one of the outstanding issues that we face in our community. After 9/11 the family and community impacts we were feeling from immigration policies, laws and harsh enforcement have intensified even more. There are still limited ways to adjust immigration status and reunite with our families. There are still victims in the process of implementing and enforcing previous and new immigration policies and laws.

FCC has joined the SFILEN (San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network) which provides free legal consultations and services to immigrant communities in San Francisco regardless of their status. Given the limitation of immigration laws and policies, we can still protect our communities through community education and trainings, especially about our rights as immigrants and residents of San Francisco.

FCC, as part of our mission to protect the rights and welfare of Filipinos in San Francisco, conducts presentations and trainings on immigration issues and “Know Your Rights”. We also provide referral services to anyone who needs free immigration consultations with the lawyers and legal organizations that are part of the network.

With this, please spread the word about the free immigration services that we provide at FCC. Contact us and let us kow how we can be of help to you and your families.