Kabataan (Youth in Tagalog)

In Partnership with Balboa High School, ALAY (Active Leadership to Advance the Youth), and the Filipino Community Center KABATAAN seeks to engage youth and students to in leadership development activities to empower them to find solutions to the community problems and issues they face. Through education, arts and other activities, KABATAAN builds youth and students to realize their potential and collective power.


Represent Kabataan!



Kabataan doing an icebreaker and having fun. 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish!


Words from Kabataan members: 

“Being in KBT really helps me figure out who I really am. As youth we bring out issues that influence not only us but also the Filipino community. We try to balance out the hard work we put into Kabataan and having fun. Being in Kabataan builds a strong bond between us and that is why I really enjoy being part of this group”  -Recy Flores

“I first started out in Kabataan as being apart of a cultural assembly. What we do is we organize and make plans for our future projects. Kabataan has helped me out in life because I learn more about social issues.” -Jackie Ballesteros


What does KBT mean to you?

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